Our Approach


As a leader in commercial concrete construction, Concrete Super Structures inc takes a customer-focused approach to every project. Concrete Super Structures inc difference stands out in three areas:


Our partnership with customers starts before the project even begins. Concrete Super Structures inc shares your goal of providing high-quality construction on time and on budget. We proactively offer ideas to save time and money and provide input on constructability at different phases of the project, leveraging our expertise to benefit you and your clients.


Our capabilities go beyond the traditional scope of work provided by our competitors. Since we deliver a wide array of services and resources via our four primary business groups, we offer the convenience of a single point of contact for everything related to concrete construction.


At Concrete Super Structures inc , strict quality control is essential to everything we do. Unlike most other contractors, we monitor every phase of every concrete construction project.

Meet the Team


Douglas Cartelli

Founder & CEO

Douglas Cartelli started in concrete at the age of 20.  As soon as he finished attending college at SCSU, he decided to go into the concrete business.

He worked in the trenches, placing and finishing concrete alongside his employees. Doug had an attitude of what he didn’t know he would learn on the sites as he went.

He started his first project on a 40-house residential subdivision and then moved onto big box retail. He worked for a major GC out of CT that taught him how to put projects ahead of schedule. Over the years Cartelli started following the markets around the country and started building Multi Story Residential projects from NY to California which consisted of mid-rise and high-rise from 10 stories to 38 stories.

His attitude of what I don’t know I will learn as I go came to help and hurt him at times. At one point in his career he hit rock bottom and his world came crashing down. His attitude was “Sometimes you have to get knocked down lower than you have ever been to stand back up taller then you ever were!”  Hiring key people that knew what he was lacking and putting them in key positions.  That is what is making his company so successful. The one thing he will always push is his core values.  It all must do with TEAM WORK, INTEGRITY, AND COMMITMENT.



William Dimas

William Dimas

William Dimas – Vice President
Concrete Superstructures Inc. (CSI Group) offers a comprehensive range of concrete construction management services — from the scheduling and budgeting of conceptual documents to form work design and installation to concrete pours and finishing — and has developed a diverse portfolio of work.
References: mentioned as Project Manager $77 million school at 55 Battery Park Place between 1st and 2nd Place, New York City.


William Osborne

Chief Estimator 

Mr Osborne started his career in Site Management/Superintendent with strong skills in Layout Supervision, and scheduling of in house crews in excavation Carpentry, Concrete, and Order material and equipment, Documentation of delays, and problems that may occur during construction.

Provide Project take off’s from Digital files Division 2-6 for in house crews using Timberline 9.8 on screen take off , Project Pricing, from take off’s, Timberline Estimating Module, project scheduling, Microsoft Project solicit sub contractors and vendors, solicit new work and prospective clients with whatever means available. Plan Upcoming projects and put project controls in place.


Meet the Team

Mathew Webb

Safety & Compliance

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